Wave (light) — 2011

Room installation; Projector, iridescent acrylic, metal. 280 x 400 x 580 cm, 20 minute loop.

A room built like a narrowing box, tilted so the viewer stands on a flat ground and making her/him the only ‘object’ in the room in an upright position. A sheet of wave-form moulded iridescent acylic is hanged in the rear half of the room. A projector on a metal stand projects a vertical and a horizontal line (which change slowly in color) onto the sheet, ‘scanning’ it by moving horizontally and vertically respectively. The residual light of the projector illuminates the rear quarter of the room, which makes it appear in a haze. The projected lines are reflected from the moulded acrylic onto the side and back walls of the room, creating moving ‘light waves’.

2011 Undergraduate Degree Show, Goldsmiths, London, UK